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Hi. I’m Louis Websdale and I help small (and big) business owners get their messages out there through video content and website design. This blog will give you tips, inspiration and practical ways to grow your business.

Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a web designer or video editor to help get your message out there. Contact me here.

5 Website Pages

What Pages Should Your 5 Page Website Have?

A 5 page website is the status quo nowadays, leading to websites which are simple and quickly give the visitor the information that they are looking for. However, how do you know what pages your 5 page website should have? Here is a guide of the most essential 5 pages for your website.

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The best features of Elementor in WordPress

Elementor is a website builder which I use a lot when building WordPress websites. I spoke about Elementor in some detail in my blog post before this and thought that the website builder deserved a whole blog post dedicated to it.

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6 Must-have WordPress Plugins for your Website

Plugins are an essential part of a website’s build and certain plugins are must have for all types of WordPress websites. It can be easy to be lost in the vast plethora of plugins available for a WordPress site. Here are 6 plugins which, in my opinion, are must have for your website. 

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More About Me – Louis Websdale

I thought that it would be a good idea to dedicate one blog post to list and explain some more things about me – Louis Websdale. This blog post will give me more freedom to explain myself more!  

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How I became a Freelance Video Editor

As I believe that people buy from people, I wanted to explain in how I became a Freelance Video Editor at 18 as it may give you a short insight into the start of my journey into the world of video editing.

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How to speed up your website in 2021

How to speed up your website

A website that is slow to load could be the difference between you landing a new customer, and not. It’s really that ‘make or break’ nowadays. The latest study by Forrester Consulting says that a mere two seconds is the new threshold in terms of how long the average online shopper will wait for a website to load.

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About Me

I used to write blogs back when I used to be a gamer on Blogspot, now I can write blogs about my journey as a video editor and a  website designer; I think my English teacher would be pleased! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog, I hope you enjoy what you read and hopefully it allows you to get to know me more! 

At the same time, if you’re looking for a cost-effective website build, hosting package, someone to create video content on your behalf or someone who you can rely upon to do your monthly updates, let’s chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a video project takes 1-2 weeks to edit. This depends on the size of the video content and also which video editing services are needed.

Costings are tailored to each service and each project. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs and any specific budget that you may have.

On average, a website takes 3-4 weeks to build with a first draft of the site usually taking 1 week to be produced. The time it takes depends on the content already prepared (text and images) and the complexity of the site.

Costings are tailored to website, depending on the number of pages, complexity and other services such as hosting and domain names. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs and any specific budget that you may have.

Yes, I can work remotely with meetings on Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone. I provide website design in Essex and video editing services if you are based locally in Essex.