Proud Finalist in the 2022 Brentwood Business Awards

I am very delighted to announce that I have been selected as a finalist in the 2022 Brentwood Business Awards Rising Star category!

This award is a new award in the Brentwood awards for “young people aged 25 and under, at the time of application who are excelling in their pursuit of a business career and demonstrated a desire for business success” and I am so honoured to have been selected as one of the three finalists along with Freddie Foster of The Cotton Textile Company and Megan Towner of Aces Accounts & Taxation Ltd.

I know everyone says it but I honestly was shocked when I saw the email come through saying that I had been selected as one of the three finalists as this is the first award that I have ever applied for, personally or professionally so I am over the moon with a finalist selection. I hadn’t even planned to apply and had little knowledge of the Rising Star award so when I received an email back in May that someone had anonymously nominated me for the award, I knew I had to go for it.

P.S. I still don’t know who this nomination came from so if anyone has any knowledge then please do let me know and I am offering some Marylands as a reward for your efforts 🍪

I would like to give a thank you to the sponsors and organisers of the event (to be held on Friday 7th October – tickets can be found here), especially ERB Insurance who I had the pleasure of meeting in my interview for the award.

I would like to give a bigger thank you to those who have supported me tremendously in my business’ journey and growth up to now. There are many people who have helped my business grow and help me build up my knowledge and experience as a business owner but I would like to focus on two, Kathy Ennis of Little Piggy and my mum of 24 fingers who has previously been a finalist and winner in the Brentwood Business Awards.

Kathy has helped me to a great extent throughout my business so far and is one of the main reasons that the business is at the stage where it is now. Kathy first suggested to me that I should look into website design as she often referred to me as a ‘whizz kid’ and thought that it would be a great opportunity for my business to grow. I am so grateful for her doing this as it led to my business pivoting towards websites which has been nothing but successful and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon! Kathy has continuously offered her invaluable wisdom throughout my business’ journey so far which has helped a ton too.

My mum has undoubtedly been the greatest support to me and my business up to this point. She had total faith in me when applying for the award, pushed me to apply in the first place and is now crossing her fingers every day for the win to come my way 🤞 She has helped so much in my short time in business so far, whether that be helping me to work out the best approach to tackle a certain situation, pushing me to expand the business and keep on striving, offering any software discounts that she has or just being the support blanket that every sole trader needs. I would not be close to where I am now without my mum’s support, let alone being selected as a finalist for an award. Thanks as always mum.

Thanks again to the Brentwood Chamber Of Commerce for the opportunity and for holding a great event on the 7th. I look forward to speaking with all of the brilliant local business owners on the night and who knows, I may end the night a winner 🏆 

Photo credits © Carmel Jane Photography Ltd

An update...

I had a brilliant time at the awards night and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the great business owners in the local area.

Although I did not take home the W, I am still over the moon with the finalist nomination and it really marks a big milestone for me personally 🥳

A big congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who has supported my journey so far. 

P.S. there’s more to come on the awards front so stay tuned 😎

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