How Your Website Can Benefit From Essex Business Directories 

Business directories are a brilliant way to boost your website’s local authority and overall inbound traffic on Google and other search engines. In this blog, I outline how your website and business can benefit from listings in Essex business directories and what to look out for when listing your business. 

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What are business directories?

Business directories have replaced the times of the physical directories like the Yellow Pages, leading to a plethora of opportunities to list your business and website. These directories act just like the Yellow Pages, containing databases of businesses in the local area, for example an Essex directory may be divided into categories for each town in Essex such as Brentwood businesses.

Having listed a business on the site, each business is given a page which can be customised to include any information that the business owner would like as well as a link to the business’ website. This information includes contact details, a description of the business, links to website and social media channels and some directories allow the business owner to upload images of their business. 

What are business directories image

This link to your website on the directory has great benefits to your website and ultimately, your business.

What are different types of business directories?

Also, I think that it is relevant to touch on the different types of directories that exist as this is helpful when thinking of which directories to submit your business to.

  • General business directories: These directories do not focus on a specific area or service but rather just offer a place for business owners to list their business, common when looking at the major business directories.
  • Location based directories: These directories focus on businesses within a certain area, for example Essex business directories show Essex based businesses. Most directories will be divided into locations anyway but some business directories are created from the location angle rather than a specific service or product.
  • Service/product based directories: These directories focus on businesses that offer a specific service or product. For example, there may be a web design directory which would show a list of website designers in Essex or a physiotherapist directory which only lists businesses that offer the product or service in question. These directories are likely to be divided into locations as well.
  • Jobs based directories: You guessed it, these directories focus on employment opportunities. Jobs based directories usually allow companies to list their own vacancies and offer job seekers the chance to apply for the job opening. 

How do I submit my business to business directories?

It is very easy to submit your business to whichever business directories you deem relevant to your business as not every directory will be relevant (more on this later). Each business directory website will have a submission process where you can add in your business and all of its details in terms of contact, your story, website and social media links and the products/services that you offer. Some directories will automatically add your business into their directory while others will take time to manually review your business and the details that you have put into the directory’s submission.

Be aware that some directories will not allow you to list your business for free but rather will ask for a monthly or one-time fee for your business to be listed on their directory. See if you can find an alternative business directory which doesn’t leave a whole in your pocket. 

Why are directories beneficial to your website?

“Congratulations! You have listed your business in the directory and have gained a link to your website.”

You may get a message similar to this after listing your business but are stuck wondering how your business can actually benefit from this listing. Here are some of the benefits that you gain after listing your business:

Increased backlinks to your website

You have probably heard a lot of people talk about backlinks, backlinks, backlinks and SEO in general. In short, backlinks are how many links are coming inbound to your website from other websites. I could write about backlinks until the cows come home but for now, for the most part, having more backlinks to your website is a great way to boost your website’s ranking in Google’s eyes, meaning that your website ladders up Google’s rankings when people search for terms related to your business. Being as high as possible on Google’s rankings is important as many studies report that only 10-15% of consumers actually scroll to the second page.

The more links you get from different directories, the higher Google will rank your website, leading to more traffic to your website and more potential customers.

Google’s ‘Find Results On’ Section

In recent years, Google added a “Find results on” section at the top of searches for services and products. This takes information and listings from websites such as Yell and Threebestrated and places the link to the particular page on the directory for that service or product at the top of the page. This section creates opportunities for your website’s traffic as those listed on these particular directories will gain traffic from the “Find results on” section. For example, the 3 best listed physiotherapists near me on Threebestrated would benefit from the extra website traffic from the directory.

Benefit of essex business directories: find results on image

Being listed in the directories that are included in the “Find results on” section further broadens your website’s and business’ reach, boosting the amount of potential customers coming to your website.

Direct traffic from the directory

As well as increased traffic as a result of improved website ranking and Google’s “Find results on” section, you will also benefit from people searching for your business’ services and products within the directory website itself. Let’s say that someone uses Yell to find businesses that they would like to work with or buy from. When your business comes up for the service that they are looking for, the consumer can contact you directly or go to your website to check out your business.

From personal experience, this does happen and being listed on the most popular directories that get a lot of daily visitors will lead to more eyes on your website and business.


Although not directly related to websites and website traffic, I thought that it would be relevant to mention the networking that can take place on these directories. These directories have thousands of businesses listed, meaning that if you are looking for a product or service, you will most likely be able to find it! Using local directories is a great way to find like-minded businesses in the local area that you would like to work with, without having to send out a post on LinkedIn asking your network if anyone knows a website designer

P.S you can contact me about website design here.

What should you look out for before listing on directories?

Before you go and list your business on the Essex business directories, there are some things that you need to be wary of when creating these listings.

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Consistent listings

Your listings across all business directories must be consistent in terms of your address, website link, contact details and logo. Google does not like when addresses are different and inconsistent contact details will make your business look unpolished and customers will be turned off by this. Make sure that the website link on the directories is working as well as a 404 error page will severely reduce the likelihood of that visitor buying from you.

Inappropriate existing listings

For more obscure directories, make sure that listing your business on the directory will actually benefit your website. For example, listing a hairdresser on a web design directory is not relevant and will likely not be approved by the directory admin anyway. Although rare, look for inappropriate and explicit listings on the directory as having your business on these directories will lower the professionalism of you and your business.

Broken website

If the directory that you are listing your business on is not functioning correctly or has broken links, it is best if you leave that directory and do not list your business. The directory may be outdated and not being maintained, meaning that the effects of listing your business may be adverse and not beneficial.

Look at broken business directory websites isometric

Nofollow links

Nofollow links are links to websites that do not benefit a website’s ranking and are disregarded by Google when ranking websites. A directory which only offers nofollow links or only offers “dofollow” links for a fee, will have minimal SEO benefit to your website. However, there will still be benefits from the direct traffic to your website from the directory so nofollow links are not all doom and gloom.

Poor website authority

A directory with a low website rating will actually be harmful to your website’s ranking and will not lead to your website laddering up the pages on Google. 

Rounding up…

Essex business directories are a brilliant way to boost your website’s rankings and increase your leads. You should definitely list your business if you haven’t already, ensuring that all listings are relevant and up-to-date. 

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There are only a finite number of hours in a day and you may not have the time or even want to spend your time listing your business on directories. If that is the case, I would be more than happy to assist you by listing your business on Essex business directories. 

Also, if you are unsure whether a directory has a good website rating or if the website is broken, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss any queries that you have.

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