Rising Star Winner in the 2023 Brentwood Business Awards!

*pinches to check not dreaming*… I am incredibly delighted to announce that I am the Rising Star Winner in the 2023 Brentwood Business Awards 🥳🥳

The Brentwood Business Awards is a yearly showcase of the great businesses and entrepreneurs in the local area of which I am so happy to be a part of. The Rising Star award is a new category in the Brentwood Business Awards and “is open to young persons aged 25 and under, at the time of application who are excelling in their pursuit of a business career and demonstrated a desire for business success”

Once again, it is incredible to have achieved this award and I won’t be stopping here, this award will be one of many to come!

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2022 Brentwood Business Awards

Last year, I was so pleased to have been selected as a finalist in the Brentwood Business Awards in the Rising Star category. I was anonymously nominated believe it or not, having not set out to go for the award in the first place. Despite that, I was so chuffed when my application and interview ended up landing me as one of the 3 finalist nominees 😎.

Although it wasn’t to be my year (yet), I was honestly shocked to be a finalist at all and was delighted to be involved in such a brilliant event, showcasing the great businesses and business owners in the Brentwood area. 

As Anthony Joshua said, “the first time was so nice, I had to do it twice”, and that’s why I knew that I’d be going for the award again in 2023. I won’t be going in a boxing ring anytime soon though…

2023 Brentwood Business Awards

I had a real determination to win the Rising Star award this year, having got close last year, but felt that I had come on leaps and bounds since then. After submitting my application again, I eagerly awaited the next steps…

Each award entrant takes part in an interview process, carried out by the award sponsor. This year’s Rising Star award was sponsored by Matchroom who I’d like to thank for making the award very easy and who I had the delight of meeting during the interview process. It has been great to have been involved with Matchroom, another great local company creating strides in the many sports under their wing.

It was a great interview and I really felt that I had a great chance to win this year. Fast forward a couple months and now we’re fast approaching the award ceremony on Friday 10th November at Stock Brook Manor. 

The Awards Ceremony

The night started off brilliantly with some great entertainment, lovely food and then on to what we’re all waiting for, to find out who has won what in each category. There are a number of awards showcasing the great number of businesses in Brentwood but we’re focusing on the Rising Star award 😉  

This year’s Rising Star finalists were:

  1. Calum Waudby – Blue Serif

  2. Louis Websdale – Websdale Ltd

  3. Megan Towner, AA&T

Creeping closer to the Rising Star category, the nerves started to build as each winner and the finalists were announced to the onlookers. On that note, congratulations to all other finalists and winners in this year’s awards, it is a great achievement.

And if you don’t know already… I won!!

It is amazing to receive an award in only the 3rd year of the business and it is one that I am going to cherish. It is a brilliant testament to the strides that I have been making within business and this trophy will be one of many. I’d also like to say that it is great proof that starting your own business can be incredibly beneficial, especially at a young age.

Of course, a huge thank you goes out to the friends and family who have supported the business’ journey as well as the greatly supportive businesses that I have had the pleasure of working with so far. 

I would like to also thank the brilliant team at Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, all the organisers and the sponsors for putting on a fantastic event, one that I definitely won’t be forgetting! 

Rounding up

I won’t keep going on about it, well I’ll try not to anyway, but it is still surreal to be the 2023 Rising Star Award winner! 

I’ll now go back to designing and building websites for the masses but delightedly, with one award more in the bank.

Photo credits © Carmel Jane Photography Ltd

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