The best features of Elementor in WordPress

By Louis Websdale

About Me Louis Websdale

Elementor is a website builder which I use a lot when building WordPress websites. Elementor is straightforward to use and at the same time has enough customisable and advanced features that each website created with Elementor can still remain unique. I spoke about Elementor in some detail in my blog post before this and thought that the website builder deserved a whole blog post dedicated to it.

Global Widgets

Widgets are items offered by Elementor which can be dragged and dropped onto any page of a website, for example an image carousel, heading or icon box are all widgets. If a user customises one of these widgets and then saves it as a global widget, this widget is then saved in the global widget section of the elementor builder which can then be added to another part of the page or site. 

This saves an enormous amount of time building a website as the same ‘book a call’ button can be added across multiple pages rather than having to create the same button multiple times across a site. Saving something as a global widget also carries across its margin and padding pixels so the spacing and design can be maintained across the whole site. 


Elementor also offers 200+ free and pro templates which have been created by web designers. Entire pages are given by Elementor which can be added to a website and then customised with new text, images and links. In addition to the entire pages, there are singular blocks which a user can use which range from testimonials to call to actions to contact sections.

These templates are very useful when building a site as they can often provide the framework for a page and can provide inspiration for a web designer for their own sections even if the templates themselves are not used. Also, a user can save their own pages or sections, similar to global widgets, into their personal template area which then can be reused on other pages.

Motion Effects

Motion effects is a brilliant section in the advanced tab of each widget in Elementor which provides a user many options for animation, bringing a widget or site to life. It includes vertical scrolling effects, horizontal scrolling effects, transparency, blur, rotate, scaling animations, mouse tracking and 3D tilt.

Many of these effects are used across the sites you will see, the most common being sticky headers and fixed positioning on images, like the one you saw at the top of the blog. I would recommend trying out the motion effects tab to see what looks good for you and your website as it will make your website stand out from others.


Even though add-ons are not a part of Elementor itself, there are many great add-ons which are specifically made for and catered to Elementor. For example, EA Essential Addons is a plugin which offers many add-on widgets to Elementor such as creative buttons, dual colour headings and off canvas content.

As always, thank you very much for reading my blog. I hope that you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite things about the website builder. If you need installing or using Elementor, do get in touch and I will be happy to help you with whatever problem you may be having with Elementor. I am a part of Elly’s Directory.

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