Elegant ecommerce redesign for independent London jeweller

Providing an elegant redesign for Essemgé, an independent London jeweller

The Brief

Essemgé is an independent London-based jeweller, offering a range of bespoke and elegant pieces within their catalogue. In order to match the high quality of the products, we were tasked with the redesign of the ecommerce website to provide an enhanced look and feel, giving potential customers a much improved first impression of the website and brand.

Here are some of the goals that we had for the project:

Project Details

To provide an elegant redesign

The main goal of the redesign was to create an elegant, bespoke design.

To enhance the website's functionality

The website’s overall functionality was improved to boost the site’s performance.

To optimise the website across all devices

The redesign was optimised across all devices to improve user experience.

To integrate third-party marketing platforms

We ensured that MailChimp, Google Analytics and Facebook were integrated into the new site.

The Solution

The new website features a clean and minimalist layout, aided with ample white space that allows the jewellery pieces to shine and captivate the audience – you should see for yourself 😉

One of the standout features of the redesigned website is the user-friendly navigation, something that we’re pretty proud of! We implemented a clear and intuitive mega menu structure, making it effortless for users to explore the different jewellery collections, learn about the brand’s heritage and access essential information. The website also incorporates a smart search functionality, enabling visitors to quickly find specific pieces or categories of jewellery, enhancing the overall user experience which is essential for ecommerce websites.

As well as this, we ensured that the improvements were made across all devices, especially mobile, as 79% of smartphone users have used their mobile device to make a purchase online within the past six months, pretty crazy right?


Essemgé Website Redesign on mobile by Louis Websdale
Essemgé Website Redesign on Macbook by Louis Websdale
Essemgé Website Redesign on mobile by Louis Websdale
Essemgé Website Redesign on Macbook by Louis Websdale

Comparing old to new

The redesign has given the Essemgé website a much more modern and professional feel with an improved user experience across all devices. You can view the before and after of the website’s redesign yourself with this interactive comparison image.

Hover/touch and swipe the circle left to see the new site and right to see the old site.

What we say

Before going live, we ensured that the third-party marketing platforms were working as intended as well as the payment gateways for the ecommerce website. It was great to see the redesign go live recently and to see the vastly improved look and feel come to life.

If your website also needs a redesign with an improved look and feel, we would love to discuss your project further. Get in touch below and let’s get the ball rolling on your redesign!

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