Landscaping a family-run gardener’s website

WordPress website redesign for Family Tree Gardens, Essex based gardening company.

The Brief

Family Tree Gardens are a family-run gardening company, specialising in large country gardens and a range of other gardening services, based in Stock, Essex.

FTG were in the process of changing the gardening services that they offer to target a more high-end, larger property base and so requested a redesign of their website to better suit this audience. This redesign would enhance the quality of the website and expand the services pages on the site while focusing on the new target audience.

Here are some of the goals we had for the project:

Project Details
Family Tree Gardens
Professional Services

High-end target audience

We focused on redesigning the website to target the large country gardens market.

Enhanced service pages

The service pages were particularly focused on and were improved in design to a great extent.


The website redesign is responsive and user-friendly across all devices and screen-widths.

Optimising content

Existing pages were redirected where necessary and irrelevant content was removed.

The Solution

We updated the whole design of the website to give FTG’s website a new look, targeting the new market of large county gardens and properties. Focusing on the target audience, we explored updating the website’s styling, including the fonts, colours and layout as well as removing some of the existing elements which were deemed to be unnecessary such as a popup. Throughout the process, we kept user experience and conversion rates in mind when redesigning the site, ensuring that all users have a stress-free experience while using the site and allowing them to easily get in contact with the team.

Comparing old to new

The redesign has given FTG’s website a look and feel that targets the large county gardens and properties that they were looking for during the project. You can view the before and after of the website’s redesign yourself with this interactive comparison image.

Hover/touch and swipe the circle left to see the new site and right to see the old site.

What we say

It was great to work with the team at Family Tree Gardens on the redesign of their website, leading to an updated, user-friendly website that targets a more high-end audience, as per FTG’s wishes during the project. The new website replaced the existing site without any downtime of the website to potential customers while transferring the new site over, completed within under an hour.

Although the website has since been shut down, it will live on in the portfolio!

If you also are looking to change the direction of your website and need a new look and feel, we would love to discuss further. Get in touch below and let’s start discussing your project today.

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