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Video editing case study for Mullis & Peake

The Brief

Mullis & Peake is a leading independent law firm based in Essex, providing legal advice to businesses and individuals, having been established since 1902. The Mullis & Peake team recorded a number of helpful insight videos discussing a range of legal topics to help their customer base. The team were looking for editing services for these videos so that they could be shared across social media and also onto the website. It also requested that subtitles and a branded outro screen were to be added to each video as well as the overall quality enhancing editing.

We had the following goals for the project:

Project Details

Branded throughout

The videos were enhanced with a branded outro screen and call to action.

Removing errors

Any errors or ums and ahs in the videos were removed so that there are no hiccups in the viewers’ watching experiences.

Exact subtitles

We focused on providing exact subtitles in proper English.

Social media ready

We ensured that the videos were ready to be posted across social media in the desired formats.

The Solution

A branded outro screen was added to all of the individual videos with Mullis & Peake’s branding and a call to action at the end of each video to incite viewers to visit their website and get in touch with the team. The general editing of the video was also carried out, removing ums and ahs and any errors. Subtitles were added to each video and these were closely inspected to ensure that there were no grammatical errors or inconsistencies across the videos.

What they said

Excellent service from start to finish. Louis responded promptly to queries and could not be more helpful. We will definitely use his services again. Thank you.

Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors
Brentwood Office

What we say

It was a pleasure to work with Mullis & Peake throughout the project and we were pleased to see the videos posted onto social media and also the Mullis & Peake website; you can view the full archive of videos at We have since worked with the team again to provide further editing services onto more insightful videos.

If you also have a piece of video content that you would like enhanced through video editing, we’d love to hear about your project. Get in touch below and let’s start your project today.

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