Modern redesign for innovative construction software

Creating a modern redesign for ReviCheck, an innovative construction software

The Brief

ReviCheck is an innovative software, creating clarity in the construction industry with a range of benefits for contractors, site managers and administrators.

We undertook the task of revamping ReviCheck’s website to deliver an improved look and feel. The aim was to offer potential customers an enhanced first impression of both the website and the ReviCheck brand.

Here are some of the goals that we had for the project:

Project Details

To create a modern redesign

Our focus of the project was to create a modern web design.

To enhance the website's functionality

Enhancements were made to the website’s overall functionality, resulting in an improved performance for the site.

To connect third-party marketing platforms

We ensured that third-party marketing platforms were integrated into the new site.

To create affiliate opportunities

We also looked at creating a new affiliates page in order to boost the company’s partnerships.

The Solution

In the redesign of ReviCheck’s website, tailored for the construction industry, we’ve crafted a sleek and minimalist layout.

A highlight of the revamped website is its user-friendly navigation, a source of pride for us! We’ve seamlessly integrated a clear and intuitive menu structure, simplifying the exploration of diverse software features, the affiliate program, and access to vital FAQs.

Moreover, our commitment extends to ensuring these improvements are seamlessly experienced across all devices, with a particular emphasis on mobile. Given that a staggering 79% of smartphone users have made online purchases within the past six months, optimizing for mobile is more than just a feature – it’s a necessity!

Comparing old to new

The redesign has created a website with a much more modern and professional feel with an improved user experience across all devices. You can view the before and after of the website’s redesign yourself with this interactive comparison image.

Hover/touch and swipe the circle left to see the new site and right to see the old site.

What they said

I cannot express how delighted we are with the outstanding website building service provided by Louis Websdale for our company, ReviCheck. Louis went above and beyond to create a dynamic and visually appealing website that perfectly captures the essence of our brand.

Mark Silcock
Founder, ReviCheck

What we say

Before launching, we validated the proper functioning of third-party marketing platforms and carried out thorough testing for the ReviCheck website. It was great to see the recent launch of the redesign, bringing to life the significantly enhanced look and feel.

If your website is also in need of a transformation with a refreshed aesthetic, we’re eager to delve deeper into your project. Reach out below, and let’s initiate the process of modernising your website.

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