Revitalising a health & safety platform’s website

Providing an bespoke WordPress redesign for Tickaudit, a health and safety mobile platform

The Brief

TickAudit allows a range of industries to manage their inspections, installations, maintenance and audits, from their intuitive and high-quality mobile platform. The previous website design did not show off the features and benefits of the mobile health and safety platform in the best of light and so we were tasked to create a redesign that would highlight the platform’s capabilities while ensuring a smooth user experience across devices… and that’s exactly what we did.

Here are some of the goals that we had for the project:

Project Details
Health & Safety

To provide an onstanding redesign

The main goal of the project was to create an outstanding redesign to provide a great first impression to potential customers.

To create a positive user experience across all devices

The site was optimised across all devices to create positive user experience, regardless of the device.

To integrate third-party marketing platforms

We ensured that third-party marketing platforms were integrated into the new site.

To elevate the site through animation

The site’s design was boosted by the use of animation.

The Solution

The new website design showcases the mobile health and safety platform’s key features and benefits through engaging visuals, concise messaging, and modern animations. We aimed to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality as what’s the point of having a lovely looking website if it doesn’t work for users!

This was improved even further with the creation of bespoke phone and desktop mockups to showcase the platform’s dashboard and user interface; we think these mockups are ace 😉 As with every website, mobile responsiveness is a critical aspect and we employed a mobile-first approach to create a flawless experience across all devices.

Comparing old to new

The redesign has given TickAudit’s website a much more professional look with animations boosting the site throughout. You can view the before and after of the website’s redesign yourself with this interactive comparison image.

Hover/touch and swipe the circle left to see the new site and right to see the old site.

What we say

Before going live, we ensured that the third-party marketing platforms were integrated. It was great to see the redesign go live and to see the vastly improved design and layout all come together.

If your website also needs a redesign to give potential customers a better first impression, we would love to discuss your business and website further. Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling on your redesign.

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