Dynamic website design solution for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Developing a modern, dynamic website for Toolrite Ltd, a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer

The Brief

Toolrite Ltd, founded in 2003, provide precision packaging and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other subsidiary industries. We were tasked with the design and development of a dynamic, modern website for the company to boost its online presence, having not had a functional website before.

Ultimately, we aimed to create a website that was easy to navigate, allowing potential partners and clients to get in touch easily, with an intuitive design and layout. At the same time, interactivity and animation was a major part of the project which led to the creation of a dynamic website and one that keeps website visitors engaged.

Take a look at some of the goals that we had for the project:

Project Details

To create a modern, dynamic design

We aimed to create a dynamic, modern design to give the visitors to the website the best first impression.

To optimise the website across all devices

The website was designed to an outstanding level across all devices to improve user experience.

To incorporate video content

We looked at incorporating video content into the website to enhance the design further.

To create an easy to navigate website

We focused on making the website easy to navigate so that potential clients can get in touch.

The Solution

By incorporating Toolrite’s branding and assets, we were able to create a bespoke and dynamic design for the company, including a range of video content to further enhance the website’s interactivity. A great example of this is the custom-made interactive packaging line image that we developed, allowing potential clients to view each part of the packaging line in more detail in an engaging and advanced manner.

Once the design and layout was established, we looked at optimising the website across all devices to ensure that all website visitors have a positive experience while browsing the website. In Q1 this year, over 60% of web traffic took place on mobile, showing how vital mobile friendly website design is and we strive on developing websites with this in mind.

What we say

After rounds of revisions and testing, the website was published live to the world and met with great reception. It was great to see the website go live, and we’re pleased to provide an online presence for Toolrite to share their products and services with potential partners and clients in their network.

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