Social Media Video Production

Start grabbing potential customers’ attention by starting a social media video production strategy that blows your competitors away.

High-quality videos help your social media fans stay engaged so they are more likely to become customers.

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Are you looking for professional social media video production?

If you have a business, but aren’t producing videos to use on social media, you’re missing out.  According to recent studies, 66% of consumers said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service.

There are millions of people who watch videos on their computers, mobiles and tablets each day, so if you don’t want to miss out on this audience, you need to include video marketing within your overall marketing strategy.

Why should I create social media videos?

Increase Visibility

Each of the social media networks are prioritising video content over text and images - your social media content will perform better if it includes videos.

Increase Engagement

Video generates more engagement than any other content type on Instagram. On average, videos generate over two times the number of comments that an image post would have generated.

Increase Shareability

People like to share videos; it's as simple as that! We live in a YouTube and TikTok culture nowadays so business owners need to make their content easily digestible and shareable - video is the perfect medium to do that.

Increase Conversions

Video = engagement = increased sales. When business owners include video in our marketing strategy, they see the immediate impact on their bottom line.

Build Up Social Presence

By posting more frequently on social media, you will start to build up your social presence and your brand's social media following.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Ride the train of video success while your competitors are still stuck on the platform. My social media video production services are cost-effective and quick turnaround - all you need to do is give me your iPhone footage. I also work with Android videos too 🙂

What my clients have to say about working with me...

Why work with me?

Professional Editing

I offer a professional yet cost-effective social media video production service, creating social media videos that grab your audience's attention and give them no choice but to check out your business.

I've Grown Up With This Stuff

Being a Gen Z and all that, I have grown up totally surrounded by social media and social media videos so I know what performs well and what doesn't in terms of video content on social media.

Precise Subtitles

85% of videos are viewed with no sound - by adding subtitles to your social media videos, you increase the reach of your video content and ultimately, the reach of your message and your business.

UK Production

All social media video production takes place in the United Kingdom. I offer my video editing services to local business owners in Brentwood, Essex if you are based locally.

Fast Project Turnaround

All social media video production can be turned around within a suitable timeframe, depending on how quickly you would like to start your social media video production strategy.

Zoom Videos

I know that finding topics for social media videos can be hard. By creating content from your Zoom meetings, you will not need to spend hours thinking of social media video topics.

Social Media Video Production Case Study: Donna Millard

Donna Millard, based in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, is a physiotherapist and life coach, providing physiotherapy, Pilates and life coaching to her clients.

Donna needed social media video production for her physiotherapy exercises videos. This included adding a branded intro and outro screen as well as adding subtitles to the videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

We live in a world where social media is everywhere and if your business does not adapt to that, you will be losing out on potential customers. According to many reports, not only does video content out perform image content, consumers are actually wanting more video content – 53% according to Hubspot. Some of the benefits to your business of social media videos are:

  1. Improved shareability – By posting social media videos rather than static imagery, your social media followers are more likely to share your content than if you just posted a static image. Consumers appreciate a video more than an image as most consumers recognise that social media videos take time and effort to produce.
  2. Increased visibility – Videos perform much better than images as each of the social media platform’s algorithm prioritise videos over static imagery. Using videos will increase the visibility of your social media videos and more potential customers will see your business.
  3. Improved engagement – Here is another stat for you: A study of over 777M Facebook posts by Buffer found that videos manage 59% more engagement than other post types. By creating social media videos, you create more engagement to your posts and ultimately have more of a chance to bring the viewer in as a customer.
  4. Increased conversions – With social media videos, you can devote a section at the end of the video for a ‘call to action’, calling viewers of the video to check out your product or go to your website. This tells viewers what the next steps are that they should take after watching the video content. 

We can discuss pricing and costs in our initial discovery call as well as any budget requirements that you may have. The cost of a video editing project depends on the following: 

  1. The length of the video content – Most social media videos should be under 3 minutes, 1 minute for Instagram – we can discuss this further in our Zoom meeting.
  2. The timeframe in which you require the video project to be completed – We can also discuss this in our discovery call.

Yes, I can work remotely with meetings on Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone. I provide video editing services if you are based locally in Essex.

You can find many examples of videos that I have edited on my video editing portfolio.