Get In Touch

If you need a new website build & design or a redesign of your existing site, get in touch here or book a call. I can also help you with monthly website changes and maintenance on your site as well as optimisations of your website's loading speed.

1st Step

Zoom Meeting

After getting in touch, we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss what services you are interested in and how I can help your business. We will discuss what you are looking for and the best way to get to those objectives such as which platform is best for your new website.

2nd Step

Project Commencement

Having spoken on Zoom, we will have worked out how many pages you need, which platform is best suited for your business and how long the design process will take. I can usually produce a first draft of the homepage of the new site within a week.

3rd Step

Project Revisions

As more pages are designed, we will continue to have Zoom meetings to see what you like and don't like in terms of the design and content. These Zooms can be as frequent as you like and you have as many revisions as you like.

4th Step

Project Finalisation

After the revisions process, we will finalise the new website design and the website will be made live. Any email accounts created with the domain will be given as well as login details. You can then get in touch with me again if any more development is needed on the website.

5th Step

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a website takes 3-4 weeks to build with a first draft of the site usually taking 1 week to be produced. The time it takes depends on the content already prepared (text and images) and the complexity of the site.

Costings are tailored to website, depending on the number of pages, complexity and other services such as hosting and domain names. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs and any specific budget that you may have.

It sure will! All the websites created are optimised for laptop, mobile and tablet devices.

The website can be hosted for you and the domain name can also be purchased for you if this is needed.

You can find examples of websites that I have created on my portfolio page here: Website Design Portfolio or the projects in more detail on my Web Design Case Studies page.