Reporting on the developer industry through video

Video editing case study for TalentWave

The Brief

TalentWave is a recruitment agency helping tech start-ups and scale-ups grow their software developer teams through the use of AI, Automation and the latest technology. The team wanted to create a number of insightful reports to discuss the changes in the past year throughout the software developer industry, focusing on salaries and the changes in talent.

We were tasked with the creation of 4 bespoke videos to showcase the findings in the reports as well as the creation of a dedicated webpage on the TalentWave website to host these videos.

We had the following goals for the project:

Project Details

Engaging editing

We focused on making the videos engaging with animation and modern editing.

Branded throughout

The videos were enhanced with TalentWave’s branding throughout

Stress-free watching

We focused on making sure that the videos could be watched without errors.

Website development

We were tasked with the development of a dedicated page for these reports.

The Solution

We created 4 engaging, branded videos that explored the range of changes and new aspects seen in the software development industry. These videos were boosted by the use of animations, stock video footage and a number of modern editing techniques to keep the videos captivating throughout so that potential software developers for the agency kept their interest. Once we had finished creating the videos, we moved onto the development of the Tech Insights page on the TalentWave website where the videos can be viewed and where the full reports can be downloaded.

What we say

It was great working with the TalentWave team throughout the project and in particular, we enjoyed incorporating both our video editing and website development services in one project. The videos have since been shared across social media and the web page is now visible on the TalentWave website at

Do you also have a topic that you want to share on social media to potential customers? Sharing this through the creation of video content can get your message across in a much more engaging manner while leading to a much higher conversion rate. Get in touch below and let’s start your project today.

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