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Promoting your products and services to your target audience through unique video content.

Let’s get your message out there across the whole of social media and make your social media profiles stand out from the rest.

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Video Editing Expertise

If you’re looking for cost-effective and professional video editing services from a video editor that you can rely on, I can help.

I offer a range of video editing services which will help you get your message out, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Social Media Videos

I can take your iPhone videos and your social media clips and turn them into a professionally edited video, ready for you to share throughout your marketing channels.

Zoom Videos

Zoom has replaced meeting in person as we all know. Adding editing services such as a branded intro & outro screen or subtitles make your Zoom videos stand out from the rest.


64% of marketers say their videos perform better with captions. In addition to this, 85% of videos are viewed with no sound, showing that subtitles are essential.

Why choose me as your video editor?


I pride myself in providing a supportive video editing service throughout the whole video editing process.


Attention to detail is essential for your brand image and reputation. Pixel perfect editing will ensure your content is professional.


We can discuss any budget requirements that you have and work out which video editing service is best suited for you.

Fast Turnaround

A video editing project usually can be completed within a week of commencement. This depends on the complexity of the project.

UK Production

All video editing services take place from Brentwood, Essex. I am a video editor in Brentwood, Essex if you are a locally based business.

Video Format

Your videos will be in the correct format for the social media channels that you need. This includes file type and resolution.

What my clients have to say about working with me...

Case Study: Donna Millard

Donna required subtitling services for her physiotherapy exercise videos.


Subtitles were added to the video which improves accessibility and increases watch time.

Branded Intro & Outro

A branded intro and outro screen embeds your brand identity into the video and is tailored to your brand colours, logo and fonts.

What Donna said about working with me:

“It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Louis. This young man is professional, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I initially needed services for captions for my physiotherapy video exercises.  I had been looking for someone reliable for video editing services for a while and can honestly say his customer service and professionalism is outstanding and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

How does a video editing project work?

We will first speak on Zoom or in person if you are based in Essex about which of my video editing services would be most suited for you. The content will then be sent over to me so that I can get started; I usually use WeTransfer.

A video editing project usually can be completed within a week of commencement. I am a video editor based in Brentwood, Essex if you are based locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a video project takes 1-2 weeks to edit. This depends on the size of the video content and also which video editing services are needed. Most of the time, subtitling does not take long at all.

Costings are tailored to each service and each project. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs and any specific budget that you may have.

Yes, I am a freelance video editor, working from Essex to businesses all across the world.  I can edit your videos as often and as frequently as you would like, just get in touch and we will have a chat!

Yes, I can subtitle your videos for you to then upload onto the social media videos. Find out more information on here: Subtitling Services.

Yes, I can work remotely with meetings on Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone. I provide video editing services if you are based locally in Essex.

You can find many examples of videos that I have edited on my video editing portfolio.

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Get in touch

Make a free, no obligation enquiry and get a response within 24 hours.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Make a free, no obligation enquiry and get a response within 24 hours.

Get in touch

Make an enquiry

Make a free, no obligation enquiry and get a response within 24 hours.