WordPress Care Plans

Take the stress out of maintaining your website while knowing that your site is being looked after with a WordPress care plan.

Focus on growing your business and selling more products without having to worry about your website.

WordPress Care Plans
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Supportive WordPress Care Plans

If you are looking for reliable WordPress care plans to maintain your website that you can rely on, I am here to help.

I take pride in providing a supportive service that will take stress away from you and keep your website safe.

What are the benefits?

There are many web companies that provide WordPress care plans so why work with me?

I take pride in my work and deliver a professional service as you can see from my testimonials below.

  • Managed Updates

    Your core WordPress updates, theme and plugin updates will be kept up to date, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and gives you no added stress.

  • Security Scans

    Security scans ensure that your website is kept safe and secure from any intruders. These monitor your website in the background so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Daily Backups

    Daily backups give an extra layer of protection to your website, allowing you to restore your website to the exact state it was at a point in the past.

  • Speed Optimisation

    Regular speed optimisation of your website will make sure that your website's speed is maintained and that you do not start losing customers due to slow loading times.

  • Support

    As always, I am here on standby for any WordPress queries and questions you may have. This includes any edits and improvements that you would like to make to your website.

What my clients have to say about working with me...

Is your website safe and secure?

How does the WordPress care plan process work?

Login Details

Swiftly share your login details for your WordPress site so that the maintenance on your website can begin.

Fast Setup

Maintenance on your website will begin without any downtime.


Now you can relax! Your website will now be maintained and you can rest knowing that your site is in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is the world’s most used platform for creating websites. It is the foundations of over 42% of all the websites you see on the web. 

It has a range of plugins and themes which combine to make every WordPress website unique. Having said that, these plugins and updates need to be updated within a WordPress care plan in order to maintain the security and quality of your website.

We can discuss costings in more detail and any budget requirements that you may have in our discovery call. WordPress care plans start at £60 per month

On average, a WordPress website takes 3-4 weeks to build with a first draft of the look of the site usually taking 1 week to be produced. We can discuss specific timeframe requirements in our Zoom meetings. The time it takes depends on the content already prepared (text, images and links) and the complexity/size of the site.

Costings are tailored to each website, depending on what functions you would like your website to have and how complex you would like it to be.

This includes: number of pages, specific functions such as membership sign up or reviews and whether you would like to sell your products and services through the website; this is known as an ecommerce website. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs for what you would like from your website and any specific budget that you may have for the project.

You can find examples of WordPress websites that I have created on my portfolio page: Website Portfolio

Within the portfolio, there are Ecommerce websites, WordPress websites as well as a range of industry specific websites such as coaching.

Yes, I can work remotely with meetings to discuss your website project on Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone. I offer web design in Essex if you are based locally in Essex (Brentwood) and also to business owners across the globe.

All website design work takes place from the UK – I work from Brentwood in Essex. I provide web design in Essex & Brentwood to local business owners and business owners across the globe.