Website Design Portfolio

Comprising of website designs, website builds and website redesigns.

If you’re looking for a website designer in Essex that you can rely on, I can help you.

There is a  lot to think about when building a website including choice of platform, website builder, website hosting, e-Commerce and Search Engine Optimisation.

I can help you through the whole process of the website design and build whilst creating a professional, cost-effective website for your business.

These websites are quick to load, ensuring that no visitors – potential customers – are lost due to slow loading times. Speaking of speed, I usually produce a first draft of the new homepage of a website build within a week of starting on the project.

All website design work takes place in the United Kingdom and meetings to discuss the website are held over Zoom. 

Mobile Website Design Essex by Louis Websdale

What does a website build include?

Website Loading Speed

Your website will be optimised in terms of the loading speed so that no visitors are turned away due to a slow loading website. A website's loading speed is also a factor of how well your website ranks on Google.

Website Security

Your website's security will be maintained during the website design process and after the website goes live. Regular backups will be taken and the overall security of the website will be monitored.

Hosting & Emails

Your website can be hosted for you if necessary with the 1st year if hosting included in the website package. Email accounts will be set up and assistance will be offered to put these accounts onto your Gmail or Outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a website takes 3-4 weeks to build with a first draft of the look of the site usually taking 1 week to be produced. We can discuss specific timeframe requirements in our Zoom meetings. The time it takes depends on the content already prepared (text, images and links) and the complexity/size of the site.

Costings are tailored to each website, depending on what functions you would like your website to have and how complex you would like it to be.

This includes: number of pages, specific functions such as membership sign up or reviews and whether you would like to sell your products and services through the website; this is known as an ecommerce website. I am happy to discuss in detail the specific costs for what you would like from your website and any specific budget that you may have for the project.

Yes you can! We can work together to create an online shop for your business with an ecommerce website. This will allow you to sell your products online while still having the functionalities of a traditional website. 

It sure will! All the websites created are optimised for laptop, mobile and tablet devices. This guarantees a positive user experience across all devices for your website. 

Website design and build packages come with 1 year of hosting and domain purchases. We can discuss hosting and domains in more detail in our discovery call.

The process of hosting is purchasing space on a server for your website to live, as if you were purchasing the land to build your home.

After the website goes live, the website is all yours and you have full reins with your new site. I can teach you the basics of how to edit pages and add more content to the website on a Zoom meeting. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer that I make future changes, we can discuss a care package for you to maintain and update the website after it goes live.

You can find examples of websites that I have created on my portfolio page: Website Portfolio

Within the portfolio, there are Ecommerce websites, WordPress websites as well as a range of industry specific websites such as coaching.

Yes, I can work remotely with meetings to discuss your website project on Zoom, Google Meet or over the phone. I offer web design in Essex if you are based locally in Essex (Brentwood) and also to business owners across the globe.

All website design work takes place from the UK – I work from Brentwood in Essex. I provide web design in Essex & Brentwood to local business owners and business owners across the globe.